General & Cosmetic Dental Services

Proudly Serving Families of Antigo, WI & Beyond

Dr. Stanley Brown Family Dentistry offers a comprehensive range of general and cosmetic dental services to patients of all ages. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to determine the best options for your condition and budget. Regardless of the dental service, we will go above and beyond to to treat you in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We strive to ensure every patient leaves our office feeling more confident in their smile than when they arrived.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Routine Dental Cleaning

We recommend patients schedule a dental cleaning, or routine exam, every six months. During the cleaning, our hygienists will remove any plaque and tartar that’s built up on your teeth, leaving behind a bright and polished smile. X-rays may need to be taken to detect any signs of decay not seen with the naked eye.

Periodontal Services

Periodontal disease can easily go undetected because you may feel healthy and not have any glaring symptoms. If left untreated, it can destroy the supporting bones in your mouth so early treatment and prevention is crucial. We will make sure you receive the highest quality of care that will assist in preventing periodontal disease from developing.


Sealants are a very efficient and successful method for preventing decay on the biting surfaces of your teeth. They are primarily placed on permanent molars as they develop in a child’s mouth. The sealants are maintained throughout childhood and can last well into adulthood.They are made of a flowable resin that is applied to the deep pits and fissures of teeth, protecting them from harmful acids and plaque build-up commonly found in the mouth. Applying sealants is a simple procedure that can be done in one brief appointment.

Composite Filling

Dental fillings help to restore a tooth that’s been affected by decay or a crack or fracture. In a single dental appointment, the decayed or injured tooth will be removed, cleaned and filled. Composite fillings can be matched to the color of your existing teeth. The final result will be an aesthetically pleasing tooth and a healthy, beautiful smile.


When your existing teeth are significantly damaged, sometimes an extraction is the best option to help you return to optimal oral health. We will take the time to review the various treatment options for your damaged tooth. If we determine an extraction is necessary, it will take place at our office in just one visit. We will make every effort to ensure it’s a gentle procedure and make you feel comfortable. Following the extraction, it is important to replace the tooth to prevent problems with the surrounding teeth. Replacement options will be discussed during our initial consultation.

Crowns & Bridges

When a severely damaged or decayed tooth cannot be saved with bonded filling material, then a crown is necessary. Crowns are designed to cover your remaining tooth and restore its normal function and appearance. There are a variety of options for crown material. Dr. Brown will discuss your options one-on-one with you should you need to receive a crown.

If you have lost a tooth or several teeth due to decay or injury, it is important that you get it corrected to avoid the remaining teeth from shifting in your mouth. Bridges completed by Dr. Brown will look and act like natural teeth and are permanently cemented into your mouth. They will also help keep your other teeth from shifting.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

A denture is a removable dental appliance replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. They are made to closely resemble your natural teeth and enhance your smile. Our office is equipped to offer patients both complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. A partial denture not only fills in the spaces created by missing teeth, it prevents other teeth from shifting.

A complete denture may be either “conventional” or “immediate.” Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has healed, usually taking 4 to 6 weeks. Immediate dentures are made in advance and immediately placed into your mouth once teeth are removed, thus preventing you from having to be without teeth during the healing process. Once the tissues shrink and heal, adjustments will have to be made. Dentures are very durable appliances and will last many years, but may have to be remade, repaired or readjusted due to normal wear.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are used to improve the appearance of your smile. They are bonded to the surfaces of your teeth to correct certain dental flaws and are customized for a perfect fit and natural appearance. The procedure usually requires two visits to our office to complete. When your veneers are in place, you will enjoy a radiant, new smile.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be very frightening and painful. If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, call us immediately at (715) 623-5331 and we will schedule you in as soon as possible. We will provide prompt treatment in order to alleviate pain and ensure your oral and overall health.

For more information regarding our dental services and procedures, contact us today at (715) 623-5331. Our friendly staff is happy to answer all of your questions.